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Five Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Updated: May 11, 2021

Why hire a life coach?

Hiring a life coach costs money and nobody likes to spend money on things they don’t need. So what will you get for your money?

Coaching is a positive helping profession that focuses on the client’s strengths and potential to become the person they would like to be. A coach supports, encourages, questions, motivates, shares knowledge and strategies and helps the client move from where they are to where they want to be.

As the image shows, you have to do something different if you want to get different results.

Here are 6 reasons why you might need to hire a life coach.

1. You want more out of life.

You think that there is more to life and that you have more to offer? Do you feel like you deserve more…more health, more wellness, more love, more joy, more abundance…more life? A life coach can help you work out what you want to achieve and how to get there.

2. You want to change a habit you are having problems changing.

You want to make some big (or small) changes in your life. The last time you tried to change a habit or behaviour, you made some initial changes but then fell back into your old habits and behaviours. A life coach can help you identify what is holding you back and sabotaging your efforts. With that knowledge you will be able to move forward.

3.. You want to establish some balance in your life.

You have lost your passion for life. You spend all your time and energy doing things for other people and you have no time for yourself. This has gone on for so long that you have lost touch with who you are or want you want. Life coaching can help you get back in touch with who you are and restore some balance in your life by helping you to set boundaries create space for yourself.

4. You want to change career but don't know where to start

You would really like to change your job. You don’t love your job anymore, it is not fulfilling, it drains your energy and you find yourself counting the hours to the weekend. But you have no idea what you want to do or how to go about looking for another job. Maybe you have been in your job for a long time and you are worried that your skills are out of date or that you may be too old to get another job. Coaching can help you to identify a job that would be more satisfying and work out how you can get there.

5 . You are having problems achieving your goals

You know what you want to do and you have some goals, but you feel overwhelmed and stressed because you are not achieving your goals. A coach can help you to re-evaluate your goals, break them down into smaller more achievable goals and keep you accountable while you are working towards those goals

These are some of the many situations where hiring a life coach will benefit you. It is important to be aware that coaching is not the same counselling. Read my post Life coaching or counselling, is there a difference ? to find out the differences.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you and you would like to find more about how I can help you get in touch for a free 30 minute discovery call. You can also sign up for my newsletters and free resources using the box below.

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