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I am a former teacher who after 35 + years of teaching decided on a career change. I am now a career change coach for teachers and other professionals 45+ If you are a teacher who is looking for a career change but you have no idea what you are able to do you have come to the right place. I help burnt out, exhausted teachers design another meaningful career path. As a former teacher I understand the challenges and dilemmas you are facing and I can help you work through them. ​ I can also help you if you are ‘between’ jobs or just in a job that you absolutely hate? Perhaps you have been out of the workforce for a while? Or you might be a baby boomer who would like to retire from your regular career but find a way to supplement your income while spending your time meaningfully. My 6 week package will help you find direction and clarity and design a job that you really love. ​ The content is flexible and suited to your particular needs and circumstances. I can guide and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and find a job that truly inspires you. ​ Ask me about a 90 minute mini package which is designed to help you work out whether you are in the wrong job for you, and identify the the next step. ​ Get in touch today Click below to schedule your complimentary 15 minute discovery session. I also have a strong interest in health and wellbeing with a business in that area. To maintain my connection with teaching I do some online ESL teaching and sell some teaching resources online.Go to my page to find out more. And at you will find details of my online courses and how to access them. I hope you enjoy what you see here. I would love to help you, so please get in touch.




Career Change Coach

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