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My Top 5 free Meditation Apps

I hope you are doing OK as we continue to be experiencing difficult times.

Today I would like to share with you my 5 favourite meditation apps.

I receive no financial gain from recommending these apps but I find them very helpful in reducing my stress levels, especially at this time.

I think they will help you too!

Can you guess which is my favourite one?

My Top 5 free Meditation Apps

Insight Timer

It is very popular. Thousands of people meditate with this at the same time.  There are 25,000 guided meditations from around 3,000 teachers on topics like stress, relationships, creativity, and more. many new ones added every day. You can listen to relaxing music to help you sleep, or just use the timer. It has a community feel and tells you how many people you are meditating with from all around the world. There are paid upgrades but there is a huge amount of free stuff.


This award-winning app has calming exercises, breathing techniques to help you relax, and even a Calm Kids section with meditations for kids between 3 and 17. The new Sleep Stories section has famous people reading you stories to lull you to sleep. Some of the resources are free but you have to upgrade to progress.

Smiling Minds

The app features hundreds of meditations, enough to keep you engaged without overwhelming you with choice. They are organized into structured programs like Mindful Foundations (42 sessions), Sleep (6 sessions), Relationships (13 sessions), and Workplace (41 sessions), but you have the flexibility to choose where to start and to easily jump between programs. Most meditations are in the five- to fifteen-minute range, with a few practices up to 45 minutes for advanced meditators. 

Downloaded by over 4 million people, the app also has a variety of specialized programs for educators (including curricula they can use in the classroom); for children and teens of various ages; all developed with the help of psychologists and health professionals.

Let’s meditate

Let’s Meditate is easy to use and has an uncluttered design. You can download meditations and listen offline later. There are many different meditations on a wide variety of topics to suit your situation; including anxiety, body scan, healing, sleep and many more. The meditations vary in length from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. There are no adds or sign ins just choose a track and hit play. It’s as simple as it can get.


Headspace is similar to CALM and also very popular. There are some free sessions which the app tailors to you after you answer some questions. After that you have to pay to upgrade.

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For some more strategies for managing your stress read my blog post Ten Strategies for Stressful Times

Till next time, stay safe and keep well

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