Why and how to buy doTERRA Essential Oils

Would you like to start living a healthier lifestyle? One way is to start reducing the number of toxic chemicals you and your family are exposed to daily. Even small changes such as replacing your chemically based cleaning products with natural, toxin-free cleaning products, can make your environment healthier. Essential oils can also support you to make other healthy lifestyle choices that your whole family will benefit from.

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There are 2 ways to buy doTERRA oils

1. At retail price via my website. Once there, click on shop, choose shipping from local area (not US unless you live in the US) and then select your items, pay and they will be shipped directly to you.

2. Open a doTERRA wholesale account and save 25% off the retail price. Go to my website and choose JOIN and SAVE. A membership costs $35 and you can buy as much or as little as you like at wholesale price for the year. If you start with one of the enrolment kits, the $35 membership fee is waived. You can order online whenever you wish and the products are shipped directly to you. There are no minimum spends. This is the cheapest way to buy oils for your own use.

If you are buying oils regularly, there is an optional reward system where you can earn points from your orders to get free oils. There is also a monthly offer of a free oil if you order above a certain level. This is a bit more complicated so please contact me if you want more information about this.

Essential Oils for emotions

Some people may use their account to start a business and earn commission. Please contact me if you want to know more about this.

For any of these options you get ongoing support from me, access to workshops or classes as well as access to a private Facebook group with lots ideas and information about how to use your oils.

Order directly from here , book a complimentary call, so that I can help you with the process or my Facebook group

Lemon Essential Oil

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