Can we change habits easily?


Do you have any habits that you would rather not have? Some habits are good, for example going for a walk every morning but some may no longer serve us. A habit is something that we deliberately choose to do at a particular time, and then stop thinking about it, but continue doing it regularly.

Can we change habits? Yes we can. Is it easy to change a habit? Not always and sometimes it needs a lot of willpower. According to Charles Duhigg in ‘The Power of Habit’, habits can be changed by identifying the cycle that is involved.

He reviewed a lot of scientific research on habit formation and came to the conclusion that the routine (habitual behaviour) is triggered by a cue and results in a reward of some kind. The cycle is CUE → ROUTINE → REWARD.

In order to break this cycle you firstly need to identify the routine, that is the behaviour you want to change. After that you need to figure out what is the reward that is driving that behaviour, this could involve testing several Where are you? What time is it? What is your emotional state?

Now that you have identified all the components to your habit, the final step is to make a plan to change the routine but achieve the same reward. After a few weeks ‘the plan’ will be routine. Does it sound easy? If it doesn’t and you would like some help, life coaching may help. Contact me to have a chat and book a session.

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